Gun01 is an assembled tag gun blah blah blah .


Key Features and Benefits

  • All standard Mainboard features
  • LCD display screen with extensive English instructions and text gives maximum user friendliness
  • Full individual scoring via comprehensice After Action Review system. Extensive data is collected during the game, then collected via the Odin Master Controller, and score sheets can be printed via the FragScore PC application
  • Support for Medic healing, Ammo pickups, Engineers repair
  • Full remote configuration and game management via the Odin Master Controller. Variable game duration, start delays, respawn times, etc.
  • Customer upgradable firmware allows upgrading the taggers without opening them or having to change chips. Lifetime free firmware updates.
  • Sensor failure detection with alarm
  • Advanced Near Miss detection and sound effect
  • Membership button system
  • Comprehensive cheat prevention and detection/logging



  • Size: xx x xxmm
  • Battery: 2400 mAh rechargable NiMh
  • RoHS compliant


What's Included

  • Fully assembled and tested tag gun
  • Integrated Helios Head Sensor
  • 45mm Red Dot scope


Optional Extras


Part Number: FT-xxx

AUD$xxx.xx each including GST

AUD$xxx.xx for export sales, GST free


User Manual
The User Manual has in-depth details on the operation of the Mainboard which powers this tag gun.


Refer to the Mainboard Firmware downloads section

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