HQ-SFX Sound Module

HQ-SFX is a sound playback module, for use on the FragTag Mainboard and Proteus products. It offers 90 seconds of high quality digital sound playback, with very fast response time.

It is pin compatible with the obsolete Winbond ISD25xx series of products, and is able to emulate the push-button mode for legacy applications.


Key Features and Benefits

  • High quality construction
  • Direct drop in replacement for obsolete Winbond ISD25xx products
  • Substantially higher sound quality than the ISD sound chips
  • 90 second playback time
  • Sound are loaded in digitally via a USB connection (requires HQ-SFX Recorder PCB)
  • Very fast response time, 20 to 500 times faster to begin sound playback than the ISD sound chips
  • Legacy mode emulates interface of the ISD chip in push button mode.
  • Compatible with all FragTag mainboards
  • Note: HQ-SFX is approximately 6 mm higher than the previous generation ISD2560 sound chip. Ensure adequate clearance (especially when using with Proteus).



  • 90 second playback time
  • RoHS compliant


What's Included

  • One assembled, tested HQ-SFX sound module.


Part Number: FT-SFX01

AUD$45.00 + GST for Australia


Installation Manual
Manual detailing how to install HQ-SFX on a Mainboard.

Sound List Manual
Manual detailing the ordering of the sounds as used on the Mainboard and Proteus.

Demo Video
Download it here (13 Mb, Windows Media Video format.)

Also available on Youtube.


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