Helios Head Sensor

The Helios Head Sensor is a pre-made sensor that attaches to the player's hat. It accepts infra-red data signals from other players and accessories, and has bright LEDs that flash or illuminate to indicate events.



Key Features and Benefits

  • High quality, commercial grade construction with extra strain relief on cables
  • Black coloured domes provide increased range and superior appearance
  • High quality, robust curly cord
  • Two very high brightness hit LEDs
  • Velcro attachment
  • RoHS compliant
  • 12 Month warranty


What's Included

  • 1 assembled, tested Helios sensor with two domes
  • 1 length of velcro, for sewing to a hat

Please note that the lead time for Helios sensors is typically 4-6 weeks.

Part Number: FT-SENS02

AUD$150.00 + GST for Australia



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