Key System Features and Benefits


After-Action Review System (individual scoring)
Comprensive data is collected and stored by the mainboard, during game play. Importantly, this data is stored in a manner that is not cleared by switching off the power, so is suitable for very long scenario games where battery changes might be needed. Data is collected in Odin and transfered to FragScore on a PC, where it can be viewed and printed.
Variable Damage and Weapon Modelling
The Mainboard has extensive weapon modelling, with parameters for magazine size, reload times, fire rate, fire modes, and most critically, damage value. The damage value is low for pistols, medium for SMGs and Assault Rifles, and high for machine guns and rocket propelled grenades. We support 250 different damage values, for fine control. Systems without variable damage cannot properly balance the weapons and result in most tag guns behaving the same way eg full auto Sniper Rifles. Only variable damage systems can properly balance all weapon types.
Simultaneous Shoot and Hit
Mainboards can shoot at the same time as taking hits. Some systems disable sensors during shooting, leading to cheating by charging while firing rapidly and being harder to hit. With FragTag, the player is always equally vulnerable.
LCD Display
Our extensive use of LCD Displays on our products offers clear, easy to to read instructions in plain English. Players need little instructions to use the equipment, and less confusion results.
Remote Configuration
Mainboards can be configured via menus on the tag gun itself, or remotely via Odin. Doing it remotely saves a lot of time in getting a game going, resulting in faster turn arounds and increased profits.
Timed Games
Tag guns can be set to delay for a variable time period before a game starts (to allow everyone to get in position) and also run for a variable duration. Once the time is up, players can no longer shoot. Games are more controlled and easier to referee. Settings are easily adjustable via Odin.
Advanced Simulation
In the unique Simulation modes, player's will experience simulations of Bleeding, where after getting hit they will continue to lose health, until bandaged, and be able to carry around vitual ammunition in simulated ammo mags.
Indoor and Outdoor Modes
The Tag guns can be configured to run full power for maximum range outdoors, or lower power (to reduce the effect of the infrared light bouncing off walls) for indoor usage.
Optional Friendly Fire
Tags guns can be configured to accept hits from players on the same team, or to ignore them. This allows for advanced game play, or use by younger players who might have more fun if they can't get hit by their own team.
True Near Miss Detection
The mainboard has intelligent near-miss detection, that will play a richochet sound effect if it detects that the player is under fire, but for some reason the data packet was incomplete. This can occur at the limits of range, when behind partial cover, or if the shot was not aimed correctly. This effect enhances the fun factor of game play and will have players diving for cover with hearts pounding.
Multiple Games without Interference
Mainboards can be configured to run as modes "A" or "B". Tag guns in mode A can't hit guns in mode B, and vice versa. This allows two games to be run side by side in nearby areas without any interference.
Customer Updatable Firmware
Most FragTag products have firmware that can be updated by the customer. This allows rapid updates to take advantage of new features, without opening the device. This saves tme and avoids the need to purchase new chips or send devices back to the factory for updating. It also allows us to respond very rapidly if any issues arise. Firmware files for download can be found in our Product pages.
Dual Protocol
We support the sending of both FragTag advanced data signals via infrared, and also the older, simple "WOW" mode, which is compatible with other manufacturers, including BFS "Classic" systems. This allows an easier upgrade path, or running our gear along side of that of other manufacturers.
Cheat Prevention and Detection
FragTag systems offer extensive prevention and detection of cheats. Sensor failure detection, simultaneous shoot and hit, logging of power off events, and carefully designed and tested code results in the most cheat-resistant system on the market.
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